Jamie Baker is an NYC-based post production sound editor, mixer, and educator with award winning credits and nominations for Foley editing on films such as Hugo and The Life of Pi, and mixing credits from numerous television networks such as NBCUniversal, Discovery, MLB Network, MTV, ABC News, PBS, and more. Originally she ventured into the realm of audio engineering as a musician that wanted to record her own original songs and make music recording her profession. Along her career path she accidentally stepped into the world of post production audio and never turned back!

Her career began with entry level positions at a small record label and a handful of jingle houses while she played in a touring punk-pop band and recorded songwriter demos in her home studio. She honed her craft, networking and learning as much as she could. One day she was thrilled to be invited to sit in and observe a mix by a seasoned music engineer, and when she sat in on this mix she was very surprised.  He was not mixing music but he was mixing a film! The dialogue needed to sound natural, the sound of footsteps had to be put in its proper place within the sonic landscape, the radio playing in the next room needed to get louder and less reverberant as it is approached… This enlightening moment when she discovered the magical realm of sound-for-picture led her to pave a path crossing over into the post production audio world with the goal of becoming a re-recording mixer.

She took a job as a messenger at the late, great Sound One, and from there she gradually worked her way up, becoming one of the freelance Foley editors on the Oscar winning sound edit team at C5, Inc., and a freelance mixer for various clients.  Along the colorful road from messenger to editor and mixer Jamie has had the opportunity to put on many different audio hats, performing multiple types of post audio jobs; Sound Supervisor, Re-recording Mixer, Recordist, Editor, Sound Designer, ProTools Support Technician, and more. Each job is an important cog in the storytelling wheel.

Jamie continues to wear multiple hats and use her post audio skills to help the storytellers get their points across.  2018 highlights include freelance sound design and mix on various projects with my colleagues from MSNBC, NBC News, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, TLC, and Wagnervision. Additional gems include becoming a Cutter Connections Featured Mentor, judging for the 39th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards for NATAS, mentoring at the NY AES shows for SPARS, and teaching Animation Majors at Pratt Institute all about post production sound.