Jamie Baker (she/her/hers) has over 20 years of experience as a post production sound editor and mixer in the New York film and television community, and she has been teaching in higher ed since 2017. She began her post audio career at various NYC jingle and post houses. From there she put on many hats in the studios and worked as a machine room operator, a pro tools support technician, a Foley and ADR recording engineer, a supervising Foley editor, a freelance sound designer and re-recording mixer, and more. Her state-of-the-art mobile Pro Tools studio has allowed her to work remotely for her clients for many years. In 2017, Jamie had the grand opportunity to teach and create a new Sound Design curriculum for undergraduate Animation Majors at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and in 2019, Jamie was highly honored to be awarded a Professorship at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has been teaching full time in the Sound Design department there ever since. Whether she is working with her students, colleagues, friends, or clients, Jamie continues to enjoy wearing multiple hats and using her post audio skills to help storytellers and content creators get their points across. Professional memberships include the Audio Engineering Society, MPSE, and the Post NY Alliance, and Jamie serves on the AES Atlanta Section, DEI&A, and Education Committees, as well as the PNYA Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She is also proud to support the Women’s Audio Mission and moderated a ‘Discussion about Foley’ panel for Jamie has been a featured Sound for Picture mentor for SPARS at several AES conventions, a featured Audio & Music mentor for Cutter Connections for several years, and she recently became a Face-to-Face Mentor for the PNYA. Every year, Jamie enjoys judging sound entries for the Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards for NATAS. This year, she was honored to participate as a Blue Ribbon Panelist for the Motion Picture Sound Editors 70th Golden Reel Awards. In 2020, Jamie enjoyed participating on a panel at the SCAD Film Fest and leading a fun Foley workshop at SCAD Atlanta. Teaching the creative students at SCAD about the wonderful world of post production sound and the art of Foley is rewarding. Jamie is extremely thankful to all the people that helped her along the way, and loves to help others make discoveries and find their way in this creative field.